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With the challenges that 2020 has given, our 2020/21 product range ensures that Continental provides bicycle tyres for the new market demands. 

Our Urban & MTB tyres are almost all EBike friendly with options starting at £19.95 with our RIDE range. We also introduce the CONTACT Urban, certified as E-50 across many sizes including 35-349 for Brompton bicycles. The CONTACT Plus range is further expanded to accommodate cargo bikes with options from 47mm up to 62mm in the 20" (406) dimension.

Gravel riders should check out the expanded Terra range which now include creamwall versions of the Trail and Speed models, and commuters can give something back with the new Urban Taraxagum, a city slicker which uses our new Taraxagum technology with utilises naturaol rubber from Northern European grown Dandelions, focussing on sustainability and lowering carbon footprint.

We are also aware in the resurgence of older MTB models as people return to cycling as a means of leisure and transport, therefore we have reopened production of some old classics in the 26" size dimension. Popular tread patterns like Town & Country, Traffic, Explorer and Vertical are now available once again to service this market at a competitive price. 

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Bunch riding etiquette - simple steps to avoid a bad ride experience

Check out our rider safety video which was initally produced as part of our role as official safety partner of Prudential RideLondon, but is relevant for anyone riding any mass participation cycle event.

Look Think Communicate & have a great time!



Are wider road tyres really faster than their narrower counterparts?

Yes, here's why

For a long time, a 20mm tyre with 160psi or more was considered the fastest tyre, regardless of how uncomfortable or unsafe it was to ride on such a tyre/pressure combination. What very few people realised at the time, was that a wider tyre would roll equally well at a lower pressure. For example, a 23mm tyre will roll with the same rolling resistance (under the same load) at 120 psi as the aforementioned 20mm tyre at 160psi! (based on the same model of tyre).


Going wider, a 25mm tyre will only need to be inflated to around 90 psi to get the same rolling co-efficient score! Daring to go further, a 28mm tyre at 80 psi shows a similar co-efficient to the narrower tyres.

RoWi Vergleich en 300dpi

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Why are tubs still popular in the peloton?

With superfast, reliable clinchers and tubeless tyres available on the market, why are the professionals still racing on tubular (glue on) tyres? Words by Shelley Childs

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How do Continental make bicycle tyres?

Cycling Weekly goes to Korbach to take a look behind the scenes at Continental’s hi-tech tyre factory. Words by Henry Robertshaw (2016 article)


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Ever wondered 'how to'?

The new YouTube channel from our colleagues in Germany gives detailed instructions on how to fit, remove, repair, seal and inflate our road, city & MTB tyres. There are a multitude of specific video demonstrations to choose from, in both English and German.

As an introduction, we're showing how to remove, inspect and repair a road bike clincher, essential knowledge for when you are out on the road. 

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