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Tyre bead seating on carbon clincher rims



Warning notice on the use of Continental clincher and folding tyres with carbon clincher rims...


Carbon is a fantastic material for lightweight products. Its processing is however, highly time-consuming. In addition, the use of carbon in real-life riding entails limits with regard to braking. performance. In the case of carbon clincher rims there is the risk that the tyre sidewall to bead edge is slit open by the sharp-edged design of the rim flange (fig8). 

Therefore, before mounting, check that the hook of the rim is round. Take the aluminium hook edge type rim of a renowned manufacturer as reference.

Move your finger carefully along both flanges of your wheels. You should not feel any extremely rough or sharp-edged areas. Replace critical rims to be on the safe side. If you are in doubt, seek an experienced bicycle dealer for advice.

Sharp-edged rim flanges of carbon rims can slit open the tyre side. This increases the risk of an accident with potentially catastrophic consequences.

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