Tread wear indicator



Know when it's time to replace your Continental road tyres...

Some confusion has arisen from one of our technology advances on our road tyres - the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI).

  • A simple wear guide for all our road tyres
  • 2 small tap-holes in the centre tread area
  • Replace the tyre once these holes disappear


We've been phasing in this feature on our German made race tyres over the past two years and so now you will find two small tap holes in the tread which are designed to disappear as the tyre nears the end of its serviceable life.

Tyres featuring the TWI :

GP5000, GP5000 TL, GP4000SII, GP4000S, GP4000, GP Attack/Force, GPTT, Grand Prix, Grand Prix GT, GP 4Season, Gator Hardshell, Gatorskin, Grand Prix Classic, Grand Sport Race, Grand Sport Extra.

As this is a phase-in feature, some customers may find that they have identical tyres without this feature. This is no cause for concern.

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