Another tyre test win for our famous GP4000 S II road clincher, this time in Triathlon Plus magazine's comprehensive 'Fat is Fast' wide tyre test, up against 15 of the best tyres on the market.

Tyres were tested in real world conditions, head-to-head on two up bike sessions usingthe same rim profiles and pressures for the most accurate comparisons. The crew of high mileage testers also attempted to wear out as many tyres as possible to which was the most long lasting.  

For the GP4000 S II, the magazine commented that this is the tyre of choice for when they conduct wheel tests, simply as they are the best balance of performance and durability for real-world road riding.

The advanced BlackChili compound was commented on as being glued to corners  but searlingly quick in a straight line compared to most competitors.

Our mid-priced Grand Sport Race also impressed the judges, with the PureGrip compound being a good balance of reasonable lifespan, easy speed and trustworthy traction for a relatively affordable tyre.

See the comprehensive test in the April 2016 issue of Triathlon Plus Magazine! 


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