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Grand Prix 4000 S II

Handmade in Germany
Black Chili

Vectran Breaker 

Undisputed market leading race bike tyre

The legendary GP4000S tyre has been updated to include a broader range of sizes which now also benefit from the latest cutting edge rubber compounding available in the bicycle tyre industry - BLACKCHILI.

This technology is constantly evolving and what better way to introduce our latest version than to update the tyre that launched the compound back in 2007.

Featuring lower rolling resistance, higher mileage and maximum wet weather grip, riders who already use the GP4000S will continue in the knowledge that they are riding the best all-round performance road bike tyres that money can buy. Newbies to the Continental brand will gain from all the factors that make countless professional riders insist on riding Continental tyres.

The coloured versions of the tyre now also feature a BlackChili compound with the colour coding moved to the sidewall. The wide range of available colours are Pantone matched to the Fizik saddle & bar tape range for those riders who love to colour coordinate their machines.

The new sizes of 23-571, 20-622 and 28-622 cover a broader range of customer requirements, with 28mm now a genuine race tyre size thanks to the availability of the new GP4000 S II 700x28. This size is in fact, the lowest rolling of all the sizes available. Don't belie ve us? Read the independent test report from TOUR magazine below...

Vectran™ breaker for unsurpassed puncture protection

  • The global leader in the premium race bike tyre market
  • Strong in every department - a real all round race bike tyre
  • Advanced Black Chili compound for an even faster, safer ride
  • New colour and size options


road bike tyre 
road bike tyre


Imperial  ETRTO
Max. Inflation Pressure (psi)
Bead SRP (£)
Grand Prix 4000 S II
All Black 
folding  £49.95 
Grand Prix 4000 S II
0100936 700x20 20-622 185 130 160 3/330 All Black folding  £49.95 
Grand Prix 4000 S II 0100937 700x23 23-622 205 110 120 3/330 All Black folding  £49.95 
Grand Prix 4000 S II 0100944 700x23 23-622 215 110 120 3/330 Black/Brown folding  £49.95
Grand Prix 4000 S II 0100945 700x25  25-622  225 95 120 3/330 All Black folding  £49.95
Grand Prix 4000 S II 0100946 700x25 25-622  225 95 120 3/330 Black Reflective folding  £49.95
Grand Prix 4000 S II 0100947 700x28  28-622  260 95 116 3/330 All Black folding  £49.95
Grand Prix 4000 S II 0100948 700x28  28-622  260 95 116 3/330 Black Reflective folding  £49.95

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