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Supersport Plus   

Supersport Plus                              Urban - Hardcore Commuting

  • When avoiding punctures is the sole requirement
  • Soft elastomer 'PLUS' belt under tread
  • Thorns, glass and other debris are pushed away rather than penetrating through

Messengers, Hardcore Commuters and Fixie Riders

A classic is back, but better than ever.

The Supersport pedigree is long standing in the Contienntal range, as a model delivering long mileage and amazing puncture resistance.
Borrowing a proven tread pattern from the venerable Grand Prix, the Supersport PLUS now features our Plus breaker belt, a thick elastomer layer beneath the tread to provide superior puncture protection

Robust, extra thick casing rubber provides extra sidewall durability, whilst added material in the tread strip defines tread life like no other.

Messengers, hardcore commuters and fixie riders - your tyre has arrived!.

Tyre Code


imperial   ETRTO
Weight Rec. Inflation Pressure (psi) Max. Inflation Pressure (psi) Colour Bead Suggested Retail Price
Supersport PLUS 0100344 700x23 23-622 410g 110 120 All Black wire 29.95
Supersport PLUS 0100341 700x23 23-622 355g 110 120 All Black folding £32.95
Supersport PLUS 0100342 700x25 25-622 425g 95 120 All Black wire £29.95
Supersport PLUS 0100343 700x25 25-622 370g 95 120 All Black folding £32.95
Supersport PLUS 0100349 700x28 28-622 550g 80 115 All Black wire £29.95
Supersport PLUS 0100347 27 x 1 1/8 28-632 560g 80 102 All Black wire £29.95
Supersport PLUS 0100348 27 x 1 1/4 32-632 640g 70 102 All Black wire £29.95


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