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Mud King   

Mud King 1.8 XC - Mud King 2.3 DH

Mud King
  • DH & Trail options
  • Developed with Atherton racing
  • Apex reinforced sidewall (DH) protects and stabilizes at heavy lean angles
  • 1.8" ProTection (Trail) carcass adds bead to bead strength  

Limitless Play

The wet course option in Continental's DH range, developed in conjunction with Atherton Racing!

Where else would be a better place to develop of mud tyre than in deepest darkest North Wales . The spikey tread pattern combined with Black Chilli compound offers all the necessary grip for when the heavens open. The sidewall features an apex layer, which is a soft elastomer rubber sandwiched between the casing plies to protect against impact damage (ie snakebites etc).

A 1.8 ProTection version compliments our trail tyre range to offer a designated mud option. The Black Chili compound keeps the tyre clean and handles wet roots & rocks and provides a good service life. The narrow profile clears well in the gloop and rolls fast for such a knobbly tyre. Assured cornering is taken care of with a consistant Black Chili shoulder lug pattern.

Code (new packaging)
Old Code (boxed packaginig)
Metrict Weight
Rec. Inflation Pressure (psi)
Max. Inflation Pressure (psi)
Black Chili Ply/TPI

SRP (£)

Mud King DH 26" x 2.3 0100414 n/a 57-559 1100g 50 65 6/360 black folding £59.95
Mud King ProTection 26" x 1.8 0100422 0100422 47-559 700g 50 65 4/240 black folding £49.95
Mud King ProTection 29" x 1.8 0100918 n/a 47-622 770g 50 65 4/240 black folding £49.95

 Mud King 1.8

Mud King 1.8 tread profile

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