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Explorer 2.1"

  • XC all-rounder
  • Spikey Endless Edge tread design works very well in loose, muddy UK type terrain  
  • Front or rear application  

The Explorer is a favourite amongst serious cross country trail riders thanks to a well earned reputation for solid performance in tough UK conditions, and at a lighter overall weight than many of it's competitors. Featuring an EndlessEdge® tread design with five-sided lugs oriented to ensure predictable steering and responsive braking under a  full range of conditions.

Available in 26 x 2.1, 24 x 1.75, 20 x 1.75, 16 x 1.75 wire bead only.

Tyre Code


imperial   ETRTO
Weight Rec. Inflation Pressure (psi) Max. Inflation Pressure (psi) Colour Bead

SRP (£)

Explorer 0115715 26x2.1 54-559 620g 50 65 All black wire 16.95
Explorer 0102501 16x1.75 47-305 425g 50 65 All black wire 11.95
Explorer 0105501 20x1.75 47-406 560g 50 65 All black wire 11.95
Explorer 0109002 24x1.75 47-507 680g 50 65 All black wire 11.95


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