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Competition tubular    

  • Handmade in Germany!
  • Winning tyre at three Paris-Roubaix races
  • Now available in 25mm
  • Black Chili compound
  • 4 layers of puncture protection under the tread
  • Vectran protection

The tubular tyre of pro road racers and triathletes

Each year, Continental gets requests from ProTour teams and professional triathletes for sponsorship. They all want the same thing...Continental Competition tubulars!

Recently, Simon Gerrans of Orica-GreenEdge won this year's Liege-Bastogne-Liege and wore the yellow jersey at the 2013 Tour de France. Our tyres are again at the forefront on the UCI ProTour. Add these wins to the fantastic achievements of Jonny and Alistair Brownlee in winning triathlon gold at the London Olympics 2012, Commonwealth Games 2014 and the World Triathlon Championships in 2013.

In the UK, Rapha Condor JLT swear by them, getting them around the tough Tour Series criterium circuit series safely, as series they stormed to victory on this year.

Rapha Condor JLT team manager John Herety commented "“With their being a no ‘laps out’ rule in the Tour Series, tyre choice is crucial. With Continental tyres and tubes we didn't have one single puncture over the ten rounds of the series.”

Team rider and multi Olympic gold medallist Ed Clancy went further : “For me the most important thing is always speed. As with every part of my bike and kit, I always want what is fastest. The Continental tyres that we used in the Tour Series were as fast as anything I could have wanted.”

Madison Genesis also ask for our Competition 25mm each year, as do,the Irish An-Post & Team NFTO who stole the show at the London Grand Prix in 2014, with winner Adam Blythe commenting "The conditions were pretty miserable at the start of the race so the roads were gritty and muddy, particulary out in Surrey. All the boys were on 25mm tubs as we have been for most of the season and we all have great confidence in them on days like that. They obviously did the job perfectly for me!"

NFTO team manager John Wood also added "thank you for the brilliant support Continental have given us this year, without doubt the tyres have been race winners for us".

It is the combination of the 22mm or 25mm dimpled BlackChili profile, and the reliable construction that keeps all of these athletes coming back for more.

The BlackChili compound increases grip whilst lowering rolling resistance without affecting wear - truly phenomenal!

One layer of the cut resistant Vectran under the tread instead of the previous two nylon breakers reduces weight and improves rolling resistance and rolling comfort. The German manufacturing process of the Competition hasn't changed. As previously, the worlds best pros only trust the handmade production of our seamstress team and our production staff in Korbach.

For carbon rim use, please use our Carbon Rim Cement

Tyre Code


Imperial   ETRTO
Weight Rec. Inflation Pressure (psi) Max. Inflation Pressure (psi) Colour Bead Suggested Retail Price
Competition 0196142 26"x3/4 19mm 215 145 170 Black tubular 72.95
Competition 0196141 26"x1 22mm 250 115 170 Black tubular 72.95
Competition 0196140 28"x3/4 19mm 230 145 170 Black tubular 72.95
Competition - Best Seller 0196138 28"x1 22mm 260 115 170 Black tubular 72.95
Competition 0196189 28"x1 25mm 280 115 170 Black tubular 72.95


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