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How is our new compound faster AND grippier?

Black Chili compound


Black Chili is the name for our new compound for road & MTB race tyres. Using carbon nano particles, we are able to make a softer compound on any given tyre without sacrificing the wear rate of the tread.
Each particle of the filler agent (carbon) is only 1/10th of the size of standard carbon black particles. To give you an idea of their size, our Black Chili particles are the same size in relation to a soccer ball, as the soccer ball would be to the earth.

What this means is that the tyre has more points of contact with the road/trail surface for improved grip, and they are also more closely bound with each other ensuring that premature wear of the tyre tread is avoided. We can then make a compound softer, without losing any wear capabilities. In tests conducted at our R&D facility, tyres containing Black Chili are also rolling faster than conventional tyres making them an absolute must for the serious racing cyclist.

This technology is only available at Continentals factory in Korbach, which is the home of Germanys sole bicycle tyre manufacturer.

Tyres currently available with Black Chili are the new GP4000Special clincher, GP Supersonic, GP4000 Tubular & the Digga, Explorer Supersonic & Speed King Supersonic MTB tyres. Click on the logo or diagram for more info.


UK teams on Conti rubber

With 2007 promising to be the most competitive in recent years on the domestic road scene, Continental have been active in answering the call from some of these teams, supplying no less than six squads with tyres and tubulars.

Team Rapha-Condor, in their familiar black/pink attire have had the best start to the year with team leader Dean Downing winning both road stages of the first premier calendar race of the season.

Science in Sport-Trek are a diverse squad, covering road, MTB, Track & Cyclo Cross making them the perfect choice for Continentals broad range of cycle products. Their riders will use the latest tyres and even some development tyres which are not yet available in the aftermarket.

Pinarello will be a hard team to beat as they boast the famous Malcolm Elliot in their ranks along with top testers Kevin Dawson and Richard Prebble along with rising junior star Peter Kennagh, the current world junior scratch champion.

The Merlin Racing team have moved up to the senior ranks for 2007 and have signed some strong riders to signal their intentions, including Tom Barras and Welsh track star Tom Smith. The team will race on special GP Attack & Force tyres in 2007.

Sportscover-Planet X, led by renowned hard men John Tanner & Wayne Randle will be causing havoc in the peleton this year on Competition & GP4000 tubulars and a whole host of other regional teams are also using Conti rubber including Team GWR, Wildside, Velo Ecosse & Team Synergy.


Team Rapha-Condor race bike

Science in Sport-Trek team line up

Merlin Racing Team
Introducing the Top Contact touring tyre

Handmade in Germany


No touring tyre has been able to make that claim for a long time. The Top Contact picks up where "Pneumatics, SuperCorsas and Top Tourings" left off.

Just like its predecessors, it is ahead of its time thanks to new materials and design features. State of the art polymers in the rubber compound, Vectran breaker belts under the tread for the best and lightest puncture protection available in bicycles tyres today, and the prevailing German production quality all work to set the Top Contact apart from other touring tyres.

This tyre was requested by the demanding german touring market, a german made tyre for hassle free heavy duty touring mileage. The tyre combines a tough construction with a touring specific tread pattern designed to roll well and provide good traction in adverse condistions at the same time.

The Top Contact Winter contains sharp granules in the rubber compound, thus aiding grip in wet and snowy conditions.

Sizes: 26x1.75, 700x28, 700x32, 700x37, 700x42, 700x47

All the Top Contact tyre options are included in our SSG (Safety System Guarantee) which covers the tyre against punctures for one year from date of purchase. If you receive a puncture during this period, return the tyre to your dealer for a free replacement. The tyre also includes a FREE INNER TUBE.


Top Contact

Downhill tubes now available

Heavy duty MTB option for serious downhilling


The Continental inner tube range has been boosted by the inclusion of a robust, downhill specific option for the 2007 season. Already in stock, the MTB26DH weighs in at 300g and has extra think walls to help prevent snakbites in for non UST Downhillers.
The product code is 0180051, and the tyre dimensions that the MTB26DH covers are 62mm up to 70mm (2.5-2.75"). Valve is Schrader (car - 40mm). "

The return of the tubular, popular again!

Handmade in Germany


Making bicycle racing tyres in the time honoured 'hand sewn' way has long been a tradition of the tyre builders at our factory in Korbach, Germany. Inner tubes are placed inside an open, vulcanised tyre casing and stitched up with a cotton base tape applied to arrive at the finished product, a tubular ready to race.

These tyre makers are getting busier by the day due to the rise in popularity of carbon race wheels. This popular upgrade is usually only available in tubular format and so cyclists are now requesting more and more top of the range Competition & GP4000 tubulars, to emulate the stars of the big Pro-Tour teams who almost all use tubulars exclusively, from the few manufacturers who still make these tyres. Despite the recent addition of tubeless clincher tyres to the array of tyres available to professional racing teams, most prefer to stick to the trusted tubular as their racing choice. Tubulars are light, fast and in the event of a puncture, do not normally come away from the rim, meaning in desperate circumstances, a tub can be ridden flat, no more famoulsy than in the 1995 World Road Race Championships when Abraham Olano of Spain rode a deflated rear tubular to solo victory, no time to stop for a wheel change with Marco Pantani and Miguel Indurain bearing down on him a few seconds behind.

The Continental tubular range now includes a tub version of our popular GP4000 clincher, with the Competition, Podium and Sprinter range forming the remainder of the road racing range, the latter also offering a Gatorskin version for rough terrain and long training mileage.
On the track, our Tempo, Sonderklasse and Olympic are used by teams and federations all over the world for all types of meets from the local track leagues to the Olympic Games.


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